A Disposable Syringe Is A Medical Tool


A disposable syringe is a medical tool used to administ […]

A disposable syringe is a medical tool used to administer injections of intravenous drugs into the patients blood stream or to draw blood sample.The disposable syringe allows doctors to use the syringe once then discard it. The syringes are meant for one-time usage.

A disposable syringe consists of a plastic barrel with a needle of varying size attached to it. A syringe is a cylindrical tube which has a piston or plunger which fits in tightly to form a reciprocating pump.

The plunger is linearly pulled and pushed along the inside of the tube to take in and expels liquid or gas, respectively, through a discharge orifice present in front of the tube. Syringes are used in medicine to administer injections, infuse fluids, or gas into the bloodstream and draw/measure liquids.

Disposable syringes are preferred over glass syringes since they are more safe and sterile. Moreover, it is also user friendly and cost-efficient.

However, since disposable syringes are generally made of plastic and need to be disposed of after a single use, it raises environmental concerns. If not properly disposed of, these syringes can cause a health hazard due to the pathogens present in them. These factors may cause a shift to glass syringes and hamper the disposable syringe market.