Burette Infusion Set Are Readily Available In Developing Countries


Burette infusion sets which are cheaper and readily ava […]

Burette infusion sets which are cheaper and readily available in developing countries may be an alternative in administering continuous 10% dextrose.


The Burette Infusion Set is a device designed to provide a limited and intermittent supply of intravenous fluid to IVV cannulas or catheters inserted into a patient's vein. And a T-port (connector), so that other medications can be injected without separating the fluid set. It is easy, safe and economical to supply fluids.

Sharp point
Antimicrobial air inlet and flip top.
Elastic fall chamber
Injection port for drug replacement.
It is equipped with a drop plate (DROP PLATE) to verify the volume of infusion and prevent air from entering. (HS-IV-151)
Non-PVC pipes can also be made to order.


1.Integrated with needle free connector, safer than the heparin cap
2.High transparent, clear scale, easy for dosage control
3.Application: gravity infusion, pediatric