Do you know Medical disposable suture package?


Disposable suture bag is a material of disposable medic […]

Disposable suture bag is a material of disposable medical consumables, which is usually used to close wounds during surgery. Before use, it must be sterilized and sterilized before use. A clean and sterile disposable suture package can promote wound healing and is conducive to the recovery of the disease.

Disposable Medpac Suture Package Medical Treatment Pack

The disposable suture package contains a variety of tools, such as: gloves, needle holders, surgical forceps, hemostatic gauze, hemostatic forceps, forceps and scissors, etc., are indispensable tools for surgery. Therefore, the single-use suture bag has also become an indispensable equipment in surgery.

The single-use suture bag is a necessary equipment for surgery. In order to prevent cross infection, it should be discarded immediately after use, and remember to repeat the use. And if there is any damage before use, you should stop using it immediately.