How does the intestinal flushing bag flush the intestine?


Disposable intestinal irrigation bags are mainly used f […]

Disposable intestinal irrigation bags are mainly used for clinical intestinal irrigation. For example, it can be used for intestinal flushing after taking poison or poisoning, or it can be caused by intestinal discomfort caused by other reasons.

Disposable Genuine Intestine Rinse Bag

A disposable intestinal rinse bag is used for gastric lavage for patients with oral poisoning. The method is simple and easy, and the effect is better. This method can be used for gastric lavage. The speed of the infusion liquid can be adjusted by adjusting the height of the flushing bag and the adjustment clip. The speed of the liquid extracted can be controlled by the negative pressure of the electric suction device.


The intestinal flushing bag has the function of lubricating the intestinal wall and softening the stool to discharge. When using it, first turn off the regulator, add the cleaning solution to the storage bag and hang it in a suitable position, and connect the catheter, joint, baffle and anal tube in sequence. Then turn on the regulator and exhaust the air inside. Insert the moistened anal tube into the anus and slowly move the anal tube back and forth. After flushing, first turn off the regulator, then slowly remove the anal tube.


Flowing clean water or water supplemented with magnesium sulfate and paraffin oil can be used. In fact, regular intestinal rinsing is beneficial to the human body. It can be used for half a month to a month. The best is magnesium sulfate, paraffin oil, and water: 1: The ratio of 2:3 has the effect of laxative and laxative. It is not good to use coffee. These are all prepared by yourself. If you are in trouble, you can use light saline or clean water.