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In order to guarantee the Disposable infusion set underground, fairness and fairness of the high-value medical consumables meeting and bidding, a platform for gathering information was established in the middle. Quotations and bargaining were all stopped on the Internet, creating a multi-win situation: patients got reasonable prices As a result of this, medical institutions have more choices, and the burden on enterprises has increased. Whether it is a shortlisted or not shortlisted company, neither praised nor questioned this year's meeting and negotiation. According to the US view reflected by the Ministry of Commerce, they hope that the Chinese government can implement the practice of this meeting.According to Li Hongshan’s introduction, this year’s world’s high-value medical consumables will negotiate three rounds of quotations.

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From 1,155 products from 78 domestic and foreign companies, 948 products from 71 companies were selected, and 207 products were not shortlisted. Therefore, the selected product is completely satisfied with clinical necessity, and the price of infusion set is constantly changing.Compared with the price negotiated in the 2007 Beijing Municipal Conference, the bid price for this year’s bidding price is 4.47%. Li Hongshan said that as a result, it is aimed at meeting and negotiating purchases with medical institutions and enterprises in the world. The price, product quality and clinical needs are considered, as well as the livelihood growth of the enterprise, the price difference of similar products at home and abroad, and the differences between regions. Business distribution and other identities. In 2008, the cooperative purchase price of the four types of products was basically the same in the world. It changed the phenomenon that the price in Beijing was lower than that in other regions, and the price in underdeveloped areas was higher than that in developed areas.


The average depreciation rate reached 30%, which provides a reference for setting the free price of the same medical service in the world.Li Hongshan said that the difficulty in this bidding negotiation is price negotiation. To this end, intermediary experts and enterprises have produced technical documents, established benchmark purchase prices, and formulated the "Bargaining Measures" and "Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Bargaining Measures" in accordance with the guidelines. In the bidding process, experts will score the products back to back according to the product grade classification scale, and then divide the products into three categories and five levels based on the score. Only products whose bargaining price exceeds the benchmark purchase price by 10% (including 10%) are finalists. 97% of shortlisted products enter the candidate product scale. After the quotation is decrypted, 39% of the quotation products indirectly enter the transaction candidate products, the bargaining products account for 43%, and the unqualified products account for 18%.


At the 2008 Hospital Growth Forum, Li Hongshan, Director of the International Exchange and Mutual Aid Intermediate of the Ministry of Health, introduced the detailed environment of the 2008 Ministry of Health’s World High-Value Medical Consumables Conference: As an indirect leader of the Ministry of Health, the exchange and mutual aid center undertook detailed bidding negotiations. The initial test for the purchase of things, this time the purchase was negotiated for a total of 174 pacemaker products, 179 electropsychological products, 300 cardiac participation products, and 295 peripheral blood vessel participation products. The prices for the four types of products are the same all over the world.Zhao Zilin said that in order to strengthen the procurement of medical equipment, the health department at all levels must have specialized agencies, staff, and regulations to supervise this matter. To promote the cooperative purchase of medical devices, it is necessary to achieve hierarchical and hierarchical purchases, and understand the purchase authority of medical institutions and health departments at all levels.