The vigorous development of the disposable transfusion device industry


In 2011 the number of China's one-time infusion enterpr […]

In 2011 the number of China's one-time infusion enterprises over 200 homes, the number has more than 300 industry brand. Disposable infusion set brand competition is becoming increasingly fierce, industry gross margin is less than 10%, and an important cause of this impact is some low-priced products on the market. Disposable transfusion, injection products price war reflects the intensity of competition in the industry. Because of the technical content of disposable medical equipment production enterprise is not high, the investment needs of production is not very big, therefore, caused a large number of enterprises to enter the field to enter the threshold is not very high market.

Benefit from the new medical reform policy and the national medical effects of "Twelfth Five Year Plan" and other favorable policies, our ability to one-time infusion supplies in the market over the next few years will continue to maintain a growth rate of around 15%. In addition to the current one-time infusion per capital use rate is low, with the development of domestic medical industry domestic medical market demand for disposable transfusion volume will continue to increase, "Analysis and development trend of 2012-2016 China's one-time infusion of supply and demand in the Market Research Report" based on the development status of disposable infusion set market analysis, through detailed analysis of the disposable transfusion device industry environment, the disposable transfusion device industry chain, market supply and demand, disposable transfusion device of disposable infusion set prices, disposable infusion device production enterprises, to enable investors to achieve a comprehensive, in-depth grasp of the development status of disposable infusion products market; at the same time to enable investors to grasp the development trend of the market of disposable infusion set in the future, I also make the analysis and prediction of scientific, rigorous for the future development trend and market prospects of an infusion apparatus industry; in addition, investment analysis, in view of the enterprise investment decision-making basis are analyzed, and some advice on investment.