Phlebotomists Regularly Use Butterfly Needles


Usually, Phlebotomists regularly use butterfly needles […]

Usually, Phlebotomists regularly use butterfly needles to obtain blood samples for complete blood counts (CBC), cholesterol tests, diabetes monitoring, STD screens, and other blood-based tests. These needles are also commonly used at blood banks for people wanting to donate blood.


Butterfly Needles for Single Use / Monoplane


They are also useful for delivering medications (such as pain medications) straight into a vein or gradually infusing IV therapies (such as chemotherapy or antibiotics) intravenously.


Butterfly needles can also be used to deliver intravenous fluids if you are dehydrated and either cannot drink fluids or cannot drink enough to compensate for fluid loss.


Regular or ongoing infusions typically accessed through a larger vein via a central line or peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) line.