What are the characteristics of the packaging of disposable medical supplies


Nowadays, Disposable sterile syringe are used in both l […]

Nowadays, Disposable sterile syringe are used in both large hospitals and medical places. It is a large part of the consumption of medical supplies. Using disposable devices can reduce the intake of bacteria and reduce the occurrence of infections. Odds.The disposable medical devices industry involves medicine, machinery, electronics, plastics and other industries, is a multidisciplinary cross-cutting, knowledge-intensive, capital-intensive high-tech industry.

Medical Use Disposable 60ml luer lock syringe barrel

The basic characteristics of high-tech medical equipment are digitalization and computerization, is the crystallization of multi-disciplinary, cross-disciplinary modern high-tech, its product technology content is high, high profit, so it is the major scientific and technological countries, international large-scale companies competing with each other's commanding heights, the threshold of intervention is high.The most commonly used among these medical supplies are syringes and infusion tubes.


They have special protection for needles or sharp objects. They all have transparent protective sleeves to prevent accidental stabbing of hands. Cause pollution. When they are packaged, they are made of recyclable materials, and they are all individually packaged. For long supplies such as infusion tubes, they are fixed and then packed in packaging bags.The packaging bag is made of paper and plastic with a smooth surface. The smooth surface is highly waterproof and can seal the supplies more completely in the bag.


The plastic film can clearly see the contents of the bag. Most disposable medical supplies are stored in transparent bottles, so that the contents can be clearly observed and the flow rate can be better controlled.These supplies will be centrally treated as medical waste after use, which can prevent the use of illegal personnel several times. These wastes can be processed in the shortest time.This is a small part of the relevant information about disposable medical supplies, we must first understand and contact us with more wake up.