What is a disposable vaginal dilator


It is a disposable sterile device used to assist in the […]

It is a disposable sterile device used to assist in the examination of dilated vagina during gynecological examination.


There are two kinds of vaginal dilators called vaginal speculum. One is to look at the inside of the vagina and the uterine mouth. The other is to check the anorectal. These two types are wide and short, and the length is 10 cm.

Hospital Use Vagina mirror disposable vaginal speculum

Currently, clinical gynecological examinations often use a disposable vaginal dilator. The current vaginal dilator is a thin duckbill clip. The doctor places it in the patient's vagina to open the entire clip, and then uses a flashlight or finger or instrument to cooperate with the examination. When a lesion is found, doctors usually use biopsy forceps to treat the lesion. During the treatment process, smoke will be generated in the vaginal cavity. Due to the insufficient structural design of the existing dilator, the smoke is difficult to be eliminated in time, affecting the doctor’s diagnosis. The operation is based on the feel or experience, and the diagnosis process takes a long time, causing great pain to the patient. For diseases that require visual diagnosis, it will lead to inaccurate judgment and easily lead to accidents in the operation.


At present, there are also vaginal dilators with built-in lighting sources on the market, which use dry batteries as the power source, which has disadvantages that are not conducive to sterilization. Dry batteries have the potential safety hazard of explosion in patients.