What is disposable medical supplies


Disposable medical supplies: refers to the various supp […]

Disposable medical supplies: refers to the various supplies that are discarded after one use and are well known to enter human tissues or contact with the skin and mucous membrane surface and are used for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes.

Insulin Syringe1

It is a qualified product that has undergone strict disinfection and sterilization tests before leaving the factory. It can act on the human body before the expiration date and is agnostic to the human body. It can be treated as a medical product that does not cause harm when used. Articles refer to articles that are discarded after being used once in contact with the human body in everyday articles.


1. Sterilized medical supplies: Disposable medical supplies that enter the human tissue, are sterile, have no heat source, have no abnormal toxicity, pass the inspection, must be aseptically processed before publishing, and can be used directly.


2. Sterilized medical supplies: contact with skin and mucous membrane, non-toxicity inspection qualified, must be disinfected before leaving the factory, and can be used directly.