Which parts of the syringe must be kept sterile


According to Disposable sterile syringe the principle o […]

According to Disposable sterile syringe the principle of sterility, the syringe needle bai head, piston du, nipple, and needle stem must be kept sterile. The syringe is composed of a needle and a syringe. The needle includes a needle tip, a needle stem, and a needle plug. The syringe includes a nipple, an empty cylinder, a piston, a piston shaft and a piston handle. The commonly used specifications are 2ml, 5ml, 10ml or 20ml syringes, occasionally 50ml or 100ml, and 1ml syringe for intradermal injection.


Multi-effect 150ml Disposable IV Burette Infusion Set


Half an hour before performing the aseptic technique operation, it is necessary to stop cleaning the ground and other work to avoid unnecessary crowd movement, reduce the movement of people, and reduce the dust in the indoor air. Prevent dust from flying. The treatment room is disinfected with ultraviolet radiation once a day for 20 to 30 minutes, and the disinfection time can be extended appropriately. Wear clothes and hats neatly. A hat should cover all hair, a mask should cover the nose and mouth, trim nails, and wash hands. Wear sterile gowns and sterile gloves when necessary. Sterile items and non-sterile items should be placed separately.


Sterile items must not be exposed to the air and must be stored in a sterile bag or container. Once sterile items are used, they must be sterilized before they can be used. Items taken out of the sterile container, even if they are not used, cannot be put back into the sterile container. Sterile items must be stored in a sterile bag or a sterile container. The sterile bag should be marked with the name of the sterile, the date of sterilization and sterilization, and the expiration date should be one week. local. The sterile package can be stored for 7 days if it is not contaminated, and it should be re-sterilized when it expires. Once the sterile items are used or expired, they should be re-sterilized when wet.


The operator is 20cm away from the sterile area. When taking sterile items, you must use sterile holding forceps tweezers. Do not touch the sterile items or cross the sterile area. Keep your arms above the waist. After the sterile items are taken out, they should not be exposed for too long. If they are not used, they should not be put back into the sterile bag or container. Do not use if there is any contamination. Unsterilized items should not touch the sterile material or cross the sterile area.