How to transport disposable medical syringes


In the medical industry, disposable medical syringes ar […]

In the medical industry, disposable medical syringes are widely used. Whether it is injection or infusion, it is inseparable from disposable syringes. For the health of the patient, to prevent infection with other viruses, the disposable syringes are sterilized and sterilized before leaving the factory, and they are also sealed and packaged. In the process of transportation, anti-bacterial and anti-pollution treatment should also be done. If the packaging is damaged during transportation, it must not be used again.

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The disposable medical syringe belongs to disposable medical consumables, and its structure is simple. A complete syringe is composed of a piston handle, a piston, an empty cylinder, a needle plug, a needle stem, and a needle tip. The currently used syringes are made of high-quality plastic and are thrown away once, which greatly reduces the risk of cross-infection during injection; the product is often connected with a hypodermic injection needle to inject liquid or gas into body tissues Or extracted from them, they can also be used for medical equipment, containers, and scientific instruments such as some chromatography methods to inject through the rubber septum. Injecting gas into the blood vessel will cause air embolism. Remove air from the syringe to avoid embolism. It is to invert the syringe, tap it lightly, and then squeeze out a little liquid before injecting it into the bloodstream.


Disposable medical syringes must strictly abide by the relevant national regulations during transportation, storage and use, to avoid product pollution and bacterial growth, especially when encountering corrosive and volatile drugs.