• Dispose Of Medical Waste Properly

    Dispose Of Medical Waste Properly

    By law, you must dispose of medical waste properly. However, despite it being required, medical waste disposal can also be expensive. To save on medical waste disposal, follow the tips below. Classify your waste properly Research shows that approximately 50 to 85 percent of medical waste is improper... read more

    Jan 19,2020 Media
  • Proper Classifications For Medical Waste

    Proper Classifications For Medical Waste

    Make sure all of your medical waste is classified accurately before disposal in order to minimize costs. Proper classifications for medical waste include: Solid waste – Solid waste includes unused IV bags, unbroken glass, plastic and non-confidential paper. Sharps waste – Sharps waste includes dispo... read more

    Jan 11,2020 Media
  • The Disposable Syringe Technology

    The Disposable Syringe Technology

    Disposable medical products can do more good for keeping patients and the environment healthy than you might ever have imagined and the disposable syringe is a perfect example. In the good old days of medicine, doctors would use and reuse syringes on a large number of patient over the course of the ... read more

    Jan 03,2020 Media
  • Benefits Of Disposable Syringe

    Benefits Of Disposable Syringe

    A disposable syringe consists of a plastic barrel with a needle of varying size attached. The needle comes with a cover to help prevent unintentional pokes and is great for quick care and for keeping things sterile. The first is of course safety and sterilization. The sterilization of the syringe is... read more

    Dec 28,2019 Media
  • Burette Infusion Set Are Readily Available In Developing Countries

    Burette Infusion Set Are Readily Available In Developing Countries

    Burette infusion sets which are cheaper and readily available in developing countries may be an alternative in administering continuous 10% dextrose.   The Burette Infusion Set is a device designed to provide a limited and intermittent supply of intravenous fluid to IVV cannulas or catheters in... read more

    Dec 20,2019 Media