The correct way to wear gauze masks in life


When it comes to masks, everyone should think that peop […]

When it comes to masks, everyone should think that people with colds or illnesses will wear masks, but as the natural environment gets worse, many people will wear masks when traveling. People often wear gauze masks, and many people wear gauze masks. The method is not very correct.

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Gauze masks are mainly used in working environments containing low concentrations of harmful gases and vapors. The cartridge contains only adsorbent or adsorbent. Gauze masks can be used repeatedly, but must be used again after cleaning and disinfection. It is generally not recommended to use gauze masks often. Some people can only clean it after use, and there is no disinfection, and dust or bacteria are not washed, so there are conditions It is not recommended to reuse gauze mask.


Wear gauze mask appropriately


Gauze masks are the most common and cheapest, so most people buy gauze masks. However, you must pay attention to the method of wearing gauze masks, otherwise it will affect its use effect. How to wear gauze mask? The correct way to wear gauze mask is as follows:


Pull up the upper edge of the mask and cover your mouth and nose with the mask. Gauze masks can be very dirty to wear, and some people will use the mask alternately inside and outside. This situation is most likely to cause disease; if you are in a high-risk place like a hospital, once you remove it, please do not use the mask again, no matter what you use How long to avoid contamination when touching the mask with your hand.


In addition, it should be noted that after wearing a mask, it should be stored, should be close to the inside of the face and the folds of the nose, and then put in a clean plastic bag or paper bag for use; be sure to clean and replace the mask every day. For cleaning gauze masks, first brew with boiling water for 5 minutes, then wash with soap and wash the air in the sun. Whether you wear a mask or take it off, you must clean your hands because your hands may be exposed to some toxic substances, and then you must wash them off to prevent them from entering your mouth and nose.