How to sterilize medical absorbent gauze bandages?


Medical absorbent gauze bandages are widely used in the […]

Medical absorbent gauze bandages are widely used in the medical industry for wound treatment, dressing, and direct contact with wounds, so they must be sterilized to ensure that they are sterile, five-toxic, and clean when used.

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Medical degreased gauze bandages are generally classified into two types: sterilized and non-sterile, which means that sterilized products can be used directly, while non-sterile products need to be further sterilized.


In fact, some people will use physiological saline for disinfection, which is just a sterile sodium chloride solution instead of a disinfectant, and it does not work at all. It must be sterilized by high-pressure steam before it can be used with confidence. So we are going to explain a very simple method to you now. Please pay attention.


Boil the bandage with the boiled sediment or filtered water. It can kill the bacterial propagules in 5-10 minutes, and kill the spores in 1-2 hours, which can play the role of sterilization.


Please do not use alcohol as a disinfectant to sterilize, as this will not work. In addition, medical absorbent gauze bandages are disposable products. Please take appropriate treatment after use to avoid bacterial growth.